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It's so much more than just learning piano!

Here's what's included with your Piano Wizard Academy Online Membership:

We understand you have a multitude of methods, software, or other instructional options to choose from.  Piano Wizard is different than the rest because it's the ONLY METHOD that teaches music the way we naturally learned our own language.  With Piano Wizard, difficult musical notation is a next step, not a first step.  In other words we won't scare you with "archaic music notation." Instead you'll learn it almost effortlessly through a fun video game. Your or you children will get instant gratification playing real songs from the get go.  And then grow from there.

Plus the ability to download virtually any other song in MIDI format and learn it.

You''ll discover that your children will not only learn to play dozens of songs in record time,

they will LOVE the process (NO NAGGING!).

What we associate with pain, drudgery, even musical trauma, they breeze through, anxious to learn

another song, try another game world.

Traditional piano lessons are expensive ($1000 plus per year), difficult (only 8% of adults can play an instrument fluently), tedious, time consuming, and confusing.  More music, more harmony, more joy, smarter kids, who play well together.

Want to know another surprise bonus? Making music together. You can break songs down, separate parts, and play together. The bonding memories of these experiences will last well after the game is done.

And as always there's also a no questions asked 45 day RISK-FREE GUARANTEE.

Music education apps are more productive in this department, but usually fall flat in enjoyment and substance. Piano Wizard could single-handedly change that, pairing engaging mechanics with increasingly challenging game-play.”

My children have been playing Piano Wizard for 10 years now. I have built this into their homeschooling schedule. Megan, now 13 can play 6 instruments. I believe that the early start was crucial.

​​​​​​​Peter Jennings - Author of Empower your child with an education for life.

​​​​​​​The genius of Piano Wizard is that it leverages video game technology for the purpose of teaching music.

Anne Appleton

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​​​​​​​Shouldn't piano lessons be both fun and affordable? And who ever said you need to be "musically gifted" to learn to play piano?

But what if it you could somehow "defy" the odds, and tip the scales in your favor? 

What if you could tap into a proven system that teaches piano the way we naturally learn, and faster than ever imagined?

Well, now you can.   

Say hello to Piano Wizard Academy. We've made music child's play!

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  • Unlmited use of our Award Winning Video Game Software. Software works while your membership is maintained.
  • 100 Song Curriculum (equivalent to 2 years of children's level piano lessons)
  • Over 100 Additional Songs to play and learn included
  • Add Unlimited songs via MIDI files. Each new song is a new lesson as the MIDI files automatically renders to a game.
  • 50 Video lessons online
  • Sheet music for all 100 lessons.
  • Student Success Chart to track individual students progress
  • Color-coded Keyboard Stickers
  • Academy Quick-Start Videos (teaches how to use the system)
  • WizardTunes - Pop songs to learn and play
  • Star Stickers Reward System (to track progress)

According to the research, 80% percent of those that take music lessons quit within the first 2 years, many much sooner.  As you can imagine, this is extremely disheartening because, there's a good chance you children (or yourself) could fall into that 80%.

Learning piano can oftentimes be a frustrating, stressful and an unpleasant experience, especially if you haven't found the right teacher or chosen the right method for your children. Choosing the wrong approach can turn someone off the music lessson for their entire life.

Then there's the expenses and the time involved running back and forth the piano lessons between school, soccer. little league and scouts.

It's a shame because it can be a wonderful lifelong experience.  It's a shame because they are missing out...


  • Children given piano lessons significantly improved in their spatial-temporal IQ scores(important for some types of mathematical reasoning) compared to children whoreceived computer lessons, casual singing or no lessons.

Rauscher, F.H., Shaw, G.L., Levine, L.J., Wright, E.L., Dennis, W.R., and Newcomb, R.,

Music training causes long-term enhancement of preschool children’s spatial temporal reasoning, 1997

  • A study of 237 second-grade children involved with both piano keyboard training and innovative math software scored 27% higher on proportional math and fractions tests than students only using the math software.

Amy Graziano, Matthew Peterson, and Gordon Shaw, Neurological Research 21, March 1999

  • Pattern recognition and mental representation scores improved significantly for students given piano instruction over a three-year period.

Costa-Giomi, E., The McGill Piano Project: Effects of three years of piano instruction

on children’s cognitive abilities, academic achievement and self-esteem, April 1999

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  • Pay just $2.95 for shipping of color-coded keyboard stickers.

  • If you don't have a digital / electronic keyboard, we'll show you where to get one a bit later.

  • Just install our Piano Wizard software, place the washable and removable color stickers on your keyboard, and start off with our QuickStart Videos to get you going.

  • There are NO LIMITATIONS during your trial.

  • If you love it, do nothing.  We'll bill you a one time charge of $97 in 30 days. 

  • After that, pay just $9.95 per month for a music learning and playing system the whole family can enjoy!

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