Watch Jed's music journey from barely being able to speak, to playing proficiently.​​​​​​​

Piano Wizard has touched over a quarter million lives.  But nothing touches us more when children (or adults) are now able to enjoy the fun of music playing along with all the benefits. What was once an almost impossible task is now possible with Piano Wizard.

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Minh's Story

Minh had difficult focusing due to ASD. Watch his amazing music journey.​​​​​​​

Pauline's Story

Pauline Victoria was born with no arms or legs.  Despite her challenges, Pauline went on to become a successful motivational speaker.  Pauline and her son (age 3) play Piano Wizard together, further illustrating how anyone can play the piano with Piano Wizard.

​​​​​​​ Changing Lives Through The Power Of Music​​​​​​​...and Piano Wizard​​​​​​​

These kinds of miracles are like inspirational lighthouses for us, keeping us on the path of bringing music to the world in a fun safe and amazingly simple way. If this moved you, and you know someone else who’s family might benefit from this, please share this with them.

John's story is familar: active adults fulfilling a lifelong dream of learning how to play piano.

John's Story

Rebecca Spooner from and her son shares their thoughts on Piano Wizard.

Rebecca's Story

The challenge of parenting children with autism and dyslexia and the far reaching affects of music..  We did not create this video.  McKenna & Kendall's parents did.  We were floored when we first saw it.

McKenna & Kendall's Story

4 Year Old Girl

The young girl had this song down in less than a week. She originally learned to play it with the Piano Wizard software, but now she can take the book to any piano and play from her book. (which of course is our goal :)

Arianna was born wtih Arthrogriposis. Watch her use Piano Wizard in her own unique way.

Arianna's Story