A Digital electronic Keyboard is required to play the Piano Wizard game.

Any digital keyboard or MIDI controller keyboard will work with Piano Wizard as long as YOUR computer can recognize the keyboard.

(MIDI controller keyboard has no built-in sounds.  The sounds are generated by an external source such as a sound module, or software such as Piano Wizard, GarageBand, etc).

Most modern computers and keyboards are plug-and-play and are automatically recognized. Others, particularly older models may require "device drivers to be installed. Sometimes these drivers may come with a disk, oftentimes they are available for download at manufacturer's web site.

Keyboards connect to computer via USB cable (preferred method) or MIDI-To-USB cable. Look on the back of your computer. If you see USB connection you are all set and all you need is a male A to male B USB cable, (like the cable used for a printer).

If you see round black plugs that say "MIDI in/MIDI Out (and not USB connection) then the MIDI-To-USB cable is required. For ease of installation we recommend a USB connection. It is best to consult with your keyboard manufacturer as to the best compatible cable.

Keyboards with 49 keys (4 octave range) work well with Piano Wizard as all our lessons will fit within that range. For downloading other songs of the Internet, some will have larger note range, so if you do not have enough keys you won't be able to play those notes in the game.  So for personal growth, 61 keys is a good choice.

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Digital Keyboards


If you want to go for more keys (perhaps you have older children), here's an option for you. Not necessary for use with our Academy lessons but nice to have for future musical growth.

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Here is the current lowest priced reliable suitable keyboard. It is 4 octaves, USB powered, lightweight, regular sized keys. It is super easy to configure and set up, and has no speakers (sound is generated through computer).

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The affordable pro quality, lightweight Keystation is a popular choice and works great with Piano Wizard, Garage Band, and many other music programs. Also has no speakers.

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The first thing is to look at the back of the keyboard.

Your keyboard may have USB to Host, MIDI in/out, or both.

If it has BOTH, it's is easiest to connect via USB to Host. Follow the setup instructions in the appropriate video below.

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Most keyboards today are Plug and Play, meaning that your computer will recognize them when plugged in and install the software drivers. Sometimes that is not the case, mostly on older keyboards, and software drivers may need to be installed. Consult with the maker of your keyboard for instructions..   

If you are having trouble pleaase contact our tech support for assitance and guidance.

How To Connect Keyboards To Your Computer