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Piano Wizard Awards

We have Award after Award, Testimony after Testimony, Case-Study after Case-Study, Focus Group after Focus Group that proves what I'm saying and I'm going to share it all with you today. Look at some of our stellar reviews and awards we have earned over the years.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

"Piano Wizard Academy is Awesome! Not only could this person who failed abysmally at piano lessons as a child learn how to play within a couple hours, I've gained countless hours of pleasure since I first started. I love that Piano Wizard offers such a wide variety of music and is always updating their selection."

L Sugarman

"I have this product for a few years now. It is excellent. I had purchased it for my 6 year old daughter. This is probably the #1 piano product to motivate kids to learn piano and learn tons of songs from basic to rock songs to classical"

Bobby Lutz

The Uling Family

" I installed the program last night. Today is Saturday and my kids (12 and 11 years old) are still in their pajamas. They had been playing Piano wizard all morning. They have already mastered song 10! And I have to tell you that it is so much fun that I have been playing too. YAY! A program that actuall works!"

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ABC News

While many computer programs teach music, Piano Wizard Premier turns anything from Bach to Billy Joel into a video game in which you'll be guiding a rocket ship with a color-coated keyboard, while picking out a tune and learning chord progressions.​​​​​​​

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Mac Life

How good is it? Our testers could play the songs they had learned on Piano Wizard on a real piano later that same day - without having to be nagged to do so!​​​​​​​

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Keyboard Magazine

Does the program excite kids about music and keyboards, help them build essential musical skills, and reinforce that practicing can be fun? Absolutely.​​​​​​​

"An amazing engine that lets virtually anyone take virtually any piece of music and play it."

The Escapist

"Nice to find a computer game that actually teaches something significant."

NY Daily News

"I learned about the program about a year ago and decided that I wanted it for my special needs son now 11. he got it for his 11th birthday but little did I know that deep within my heart, I wanted it for me too, to fulfill a dream i have had since I was a little girl, that I always wanted to play piano. Having grown up in a little village where the only musical instrument was an old church organ that i could only touch twice...on my way into the church and on my way out....each Sunday I yearned for that moment just to touch it. As the hymns were being played, I would close my eyes and imagine that those were my fingers making such beautiful music.

I have made it my goal to learn it alongside my son. I have played by ear, I have played some chords but this is real step by step teaching that I know both of us can accomplish so much together even as we bond in a way that doctors thought was impossible. My son responds to music, and he responds to his mother;s voice.

More to come, i hope to share videos and more. But thanks, this has been a life changing experience even though just a few days old, needs to be celebrated...day after day."

Grace Ouko

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"Piano Wizard is a revolutionary teaching platform that is changing the way kids learn piano."

Julie Reid, The Worshiper Magazine

"The real selling point of this program is its ability to teach children.  Simply put, our staff has concluded that this is the best online piano lesson program for children."


"Considering that many kids learn to run a computer before they learn to read, this could be the teaching system of the future."

Future Music Magazine

"Piano Wizard also ventures where no other music games do - with advancing modes of play taking you from a beginner, all the way to fluently reading the musical scores that previously seemed like hieroglyphics."


"WE love it. I just wasn't confident enough in my ability to teach it to the kids. But once we really watched the videos, read the info in the book, and became familiar with the software, I got really excited about it! My husband loves it too and is doing very well. Apparently his parents skipped music lessons unfortunately."

Dana Lou

"A stress-free fun experience that consitantly prooves successful."


"...Many, Many Many thanks for creating such a simple to use program even us adults (over age 40) and without any kids can learn to play. We like the simplicity of the programs. If us complicated adults can easily learn and love playing we think your genius kids (which they ALL actually ARE these days) will in Joy them, too!!! We look forward to Years of Joy filled Piano lessons!!!"

Joy Grace H.

"When I was playing at CEO Space (CEOSpace.net) I could hardly keep from crying because I know how this is going to bring my girls and I together and teach them the joy and uplifting power that creating music has on their soul. I love music and I only have my singing and a small selection of guitar songs that I play to bring music into their lives. Music is in our family. My grandfather was and my uncle is a world class banjo player. June Carter-Cash was my great aunt (or something like that). I know my girls are capable of bringing wonderful music to the world if they choose to.

Before now I didn't know how to introduce it to them. I am very grateful to Piano Wizard because of that and now my dream of playing the piano is becoming a reality, WOW! Thank you for this wonderful product and your magical way of making the joys of music so easily accessible to my family and The World."

John C.

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