Compare Piano Wizard Academy vs. Other Methods.​​​​​​​

Traditional Piano Lessons​​​​​​​

  • The average cost for piano lessons in 2018 was $50 per hour.
  • After just 10 lessons would have spend $500.
  • Multiply that by the number of children. Homeschoolers often enroll all their children.
  • The cost of materials such as books are not included.
  • Driving and scheduling costs disruptive to family.
  • Trouble keeping the kids motivated on a weekly basis.
  • Takes months before child can play one song.
  • No money back guarantee

Non-Traditional Methods (i.e. Suzuki)

  • Difficult or even impossible to learn classical or written sheet music, limiting children’s exposure to great musical minds and deeper musical study.
  • Still expensive, especially for multiple children.
  • Practice is again outside of the teacher’s control and so no feedback until the next lesson.
  • While “sensory learning ” is a valid method, learning to play by ear does nothing towards helping someone understand how to read music.

Video Lessons

  • No feedback
  • Requires lots of self-discipline and still requires pain of decoding traditional music notation to go very far.
  • Can be boring for children as the person is talking “at” them.

Computer Lessons​​​​​​​

  • Interactivity is often just a variation of normal boring drills, but with a relentless and uncaring master.
  • Cannot teach or model important skills outside of what can be measured by pressing a key at a particular time.
  • This often starts with drills on music notation and so inherits those shortcomings, confusion and challenges.

Piano Wizard Academy

  • Saves thousands over the cost of traditional lessons.
  • No need to find a qualified teacher, not notation centric, much less expensive that Piano lessons, however, can actually “encourage” future piano lessons.
  • Practice is no challenge as it is a subconscious act by simply playing the game.
  • Also uses sensory learning, but shields students from hieroglyphics of sheet music, while at the same time introducing them to great classical music subconsciously they learn to read music without even realizing it.
  • Interactive feedback, no boring drills, no need to decode music notation, a FUN video GAME. Don and Delayna's Academy videos are actually geared towards parents or teachers so that they can assist the child in their Piano Wizard studies.
  • Piano Wizard's simple but genius 4 step method incorporates playing real songs into each lesson for instant gratification and often "amazement". This is not to say the music theory and drills are not important, they are - at some point in the learning process.  We introduce all these elements later on - but only AFTER the student is actually playing. MUSIC BEFORE THEORY.
  • Children and Parents enjoy practicing and playing together.
  • Unlimited download capacity means a music learning system for life.

In fact, our mission is to send more kids to teachers than ever.  But only when they are fully prepared and ready willing and able does that kind of investment make any sense.

The language of music is difficult, built with layers and layers of complexity. That's one of the reasons most of us fail at it. Of course there are naturals... musical Einstiens if you will. Unfortunately, that's a blessed minority. Piano Wizard is learning for the rest of us.

Perhaps you want to learn to play piano yourself. Maybe you've got a piano laying around in the family room unused. Well, wipe off the dust and prepare to stun your family and friends! No matter who it's for, Piano Wizard Academy delivers pure joy for everyone…but the first step is up to you.

Choosing the wrong wrong method / approach / teacher can turn your kids completely off to learning an instrument - maybe even for their whole life. Are you willing to take that risk to save a few dollars now?

Why not invest in a proven method with a natural learning approach that's a whole lot of fun? Give us the opportunity (risk-free of course) to put your children in a position to excel!

We're not out to knock on Piano Teachers(we love them!)