Piano Wizard Academy Can Take It To Full Living Color.

 Is Your K12 Program Still In

Black and White?

The great news is that the success of the Piano Wizard Academy can be duplicated in school classrooms and labs just about anywhere! Unlike most music education classroom materials, the 100 Song Repertoire of Piano Wizard Academy Music is appropriate for study at all grade levels K-12.

The game repertoire entitled "Academy Music" represents a carefully sequenced curriculum of 80 lessons that assumes no previous instruction of music background and advances to upper elementary level classical keyboard repertoire. An additional 20 lessons introduce keyboard etudes and special keyboard performance challenges.

While each school must determine their own best class schedule, we would recommend two class meetings per week with younger students meeting for 30 minutes, older students meeting for 60 minutes.

The current 100 lessons of Piano Wizard can be lesson planned over the course of multiple semesters for younger students or a shorter term of study for older students. Advanced Mode and the capability for downloading extensive additional music for study provides an endless curriculum of study for the older student.

A school computer lab is the best facility for Piano Wizard. While independent study utilizing headphones may be suitable for the older student, group performance study and instruction is recommended for the younger student. The inherent game design of Piano Wizard promotes independent study and effective practice techniques. Available instructional texts and DVD video lessons provide guidance for both students and mentors in the classroom.

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Studies show that normal attrition rates for piano lessons among the general population can approach 80 percent. In addition to the high drop out rates among beginning music students are the subtle scars to the soul that many who give up on music can carry with them as a result of the frustrating or even humiliating experiences related to music lessons as a child.

"The success of the program for teachers, college mentors, parents and children alike has been indisputable." said Delyana Beattie, co-creator of Piano Wizard Academy.

"One little statistic from it speaks volumes, compared to stereotypical or conventional piano lessons. Not one child, age 3 to 10, and not one college mentor, dropped out, over the 14-week voluntary program. On the contrary, these kids can't wait to sign up for next semester. I encourage any piano teacher to consider if they not only had no drop-outs, but if every kid was eager and delighted to come to class.

With Piano Wizard we have kids teaching kids, kids begging for more practice time-results beyond what we normally get from private classes. It is a joy to be a part of, and we look forward to fully exploring the potential for years to come."

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Replicate the experience, fun, and success of our Piano Wizard Academy Boot Camp.​​​​​​​

Supplement your existing k12 music program, or start from scratch.​​​​​​​

Enrich your after school programs with a unique group music learning experience.​​​​​​​

Introducing our Academy piano Teachers Don and Delayna Beattie and their insightful thoughts on music in schools.​​​​​​​

One of the unique features is that you don't need to be a music expert to teach the program - just watch the videos and have the students play the game.  Take the older students and let them be "mentors" for the younger students.  A good time will be had by all!


Since we teach music before theory, students begin playing songs the moment they start the game.  The music teacher will take them to the next level with the school's own music curriculum. (i.e. music theory).

Send us a message.  We'll get BACH to you.

Watch The Fun Unfold In A Real Live Piano Lab.

What You'll Need

While a single computer can be used, a Computer Lab with multiple stations is best for maximum results.

  1. Digital Keyboard per computer.
  2. Our Piano Wizard Academy music teaching software plus additional software installs per each computer.
  3. Access to Internet to watch videos and download materials
  4. A Piano (not necessary but strongly recommended)

Parents will be amazed at the speed of music learning as the kids perform musical recitals showing off what they learned.

Training is available via webinar, teleconference, or Skype.  Piano Wizard Academy Bach2School is revolutionizing music programs for schools. Let your school join the revolution.

I remember years ago when I personally witnessed a "Boot Camp" session of Piano Wizard Academy at a nearby school and wow! Seeing those little 5 and 6 year olds who had never played piano just blossom in one week. They played the Piano Wizard, they sang, they enjoyed. In other words they had a blast! Learning should always be that much fun! Yes, folks, let's share the word and spread the magic to many, many more kids. Thanks, Chris, for following where your heart (and brains) led you.

Marie Thorsen

"If you care about students doing well academically, preparing them for careers, and helping them be successful in life, music is the pathway to open them up for learning in the first place. Practicing an instrument every day gives you discipline, learning to read music is learning a new language which makes it easier to learn other languages, and by playing in a group ensemble you learn to work with other people."

Roger H. Brown

President, Berkeley College